How to run an event with MeetingSift

Pre-Event Checklist:

  1. Ensure the venue has a projector and monitor. Meeting leader will need a laptop to run the meeting.
  2. Confirm venue has accessible and reliable Wi-Fi and cellular network. Provide instructions to participants for connecting to Wi-Fi.
  3. Prior to event, do test-runs of the meeting agenda to practice and make sure you have set it up as you would like.
  4. Connect to projector and set your computer display settings to "Extended Desktop".

Meeting setup:

  1.  Login to
  2.  Go to Meetings page and select the meeting you want to run. Once you select the meeting you will see the screen below.
  3.  Select the “Start Meeting” button or “Host Meeting” tab to begin your meeting. (Once selected you will see the screen below).
  4. Launch the Shared screen link. This link opens a new browser tab that is intended to be dragged to your projector screen, second monitor or other display screen. 
  5. Select “start first activity” to start first activity.
  6. Select "Next activity" to advance to the next activity.
  7. Select "End meeting" to generate report.
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