How to import existing slides into your MeetingSift agenda

Good news! If you have an existing slide show presentation from PowerPoint, Keynote or other presentation software, you can use it in MeetingSift by following these 3 simple steps.


STEP 1: Export presentation as PDF

In PowerPoint (or your presentation software of choice), export and save your slide presentation as a PDF file.

STEP 2: Create a MeetingSift meeting

In MeetingSift, create a meeting and select the “Import Slide” button on the agenda screen.

STEP 3: Import PDF as MeetingSift Slides

Browse for the PDF file from your computer, or drag and drop the PDF file into the box.

In a matter of seconds, MeetingSift will import your presentation into individual image slides that will appear in your MeetingSift Agenda. You may “Preview” your slides by going selecting the preview icon on the Build Agenda screen.


You can now run your MeetingSift meeting as you normally would and any slide activity will appear on the shared screen display and the participant’s device screen.


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