How to use the Quiz activity

Use the Quiz Activity to test your meeting participants’ knowledge, whether you are doing a fun trivia quiz or you are testing their comprehension of the material presented in your meetings. The Quiz is a great way to measure the effectiveness of a training, identify who is grasping content and add fun to a session! Try out our fun holiday quiz here!

Please note the Quiz activity is NOT anonymous.

See below for how to set up a quiz question.


After selecting the Quiz activity from the ‘Build Agenda’ tab, fill in the various options and select the correct answer, indicated by the green checkmark.

You can also add additional text and/or an image to be displayed with the question.

See below for how to run the quiz.

When you start the quiz activity your participants' answers will be collected and can be displayed in different ways. The display will default to show the question.


You can show the following options:

Distribution: this will show the percentage of votes for each option.


Scores: this will show the names of the first participants that answered correctly.


Answer: this will show the answer to the question and any additional answer text.


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